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Hello, hello my pretty darling!

Welcome to my website!

 I was going to make this section all professional and fancy-sounding like a Wikipedia article but after a moment's consideration, I decided that would make me seem a lot less human and a lot more robot. I don't want everybody to know I'm a robot, so instead of talking about myself and my accomplishments in the third person like it’s not me writing this I’m just going to give a brief outline of my work in my own words:

I graduated from Shenkar colleges of design and engineering (illustration department) in 2016. Hurray. Since then I’ve constantly been drawing, designing and of course - Animating!

When I posted my final project, The Night, on YouTube in the same year – 15th July 2016 to be exact – I never expected it to become so popular! The views increased out of nowhere, and soon enough I had an entire fan base for my still growing series The Vampair, with more and more followers every day. Thanks to them and their support on both YouTube and Patreon I have been able to continue creating new episodes for The Vampair Series and hopefully more series in the future!

I do a lot of things on my channel now as well as my animations, such as speed paints and live streams, but the most important thing to me remains my series and the wonderful darling fans that support it. I love them all so much, from the bottom of my heart.

Anyway, because many of my followers have requested an official store to buy my prints both in the past and present, I have made this one especially for them (but of course- my prints here are available to anyone interested in purchasing them!) There is something for everyone here, from posters to small prints…whatever works for you.

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